Night Protein

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Night protein is a high concentration protein formula, designed to help your muscles recover and grow while you sleep. It is ideal for consumption before night sleep, because its ingredients protect your muscles from night time atrophy and sets up the perfect environment for muscular growth.

Because proper bedtime nutrition is crucial for proper recovery and muscular development. Consuming 1 serving of night protein as a bedtime snack has a number of beneficial possibilities for the body.

  • Supplies the muscle with a steady flow of amino acids for a long period of time, while you are asleep.
  • Thus it minimizes muscle catabolism
  • Supports the process of human growth hormone production (Natural HGH optimization)
  • Supports muscle recovery

Night protein, as stated by its name, should be consumed as a bedtime snack, in order to receive the maximum impact. Dissolve 1 scoop (=32 g), in a glass of hot or cold water, shake rapidly and drink 1 hour before sleep. Alternatively you can use milk/yogurt to mix your night protein if you prefer.

Flavor: Chocolate