Protein Choco Bar - GoldTouch Nutrition

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Gold Touch nutrition’s Protein bars, the ideal snack for all fit people, as it combines great taste with high nutritional value.

  • 100% great taste 
  • 100% natural ingredients 
  • 30% Protein
  • 0% Trans fat
  • No Soy protein
  • GMO Free
  • Complex carbohydrates

Gold Touch nutrition’s protein bar is a delicious guilt-free snack, that will fill you up without filling you out. A chocolate bar made 100% out of natural ingredients, particularly rich in protein, antioxidants, polyunsaturated fatty acids and complex carbs, all of which are essential in our daily diet.

Treat yourself with a delicious candy bar that provides nutrients needed by your body: A good portion of protein (21g of real protein/bar) which is important for muscle support. A fair amount of good fats provided by the peanuts, which will give you energy and keep you full. And of course, chocolate! What more to ask for?