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Vitargo is a patented complex carbohydrate that transports through the stomach faster than any other carbohydrate providing an instant surge of energy. Vitargo has a very low osmolality structure, which allows it to pass over from stomach to the gut twice as fast. A rapid stomach emptying, allows faster and easier transportation of energy, while minimizing stomach cramps and feeling bloated.Clinical studies prove that Vitargo replenished glycogen levels 68% faster which means that your muscles will be full fed and fueled. Subsequently your athletic performance will be increased, you will fight fatigue and you will be able to build more muscle. Our formulation is further enriched with BCAAs, L-glutamine and Alpha Lipoic Acid, resulting in increased protein synthesis, improved recovery ability and reduced muscle soreness after intense muscle-damaging exercise.

Because Vitargo ®, is a revolutionary sport fueling and recovery drink, that provides a convenient energy source without a sugar-slump. That, makes Vitargo ® far superior over other carb replenishing supplements that contain glucose, waxy maize, maltodextrine and fructose. It replenishes energy stores faster than any other simple or complex carbohydrate and provides an unrivaled post-workout insulin boost.

If you need to fuel your workouts, build more muscle mass, accelerate recovery and get better results just remember that even professional & Olympic athletes choose Vitargo to refuel and rehydrate during their workouts, during their record beating efforts or when running for victory.

Moreover, Vitargo is the only product of its kind that is research proven to be effective. Clinical studies(on humans) show that Vitargo:

  • leaves stomach within 10 minutes of consumption
  • restores muscle glycogen 70 % faster than any other carbohydrate
  • boosts performance by 23%
  • turns off muscle protein breakdown by 78%

Use 1 serving of vitargo dissolved in water and enjoy a refreshing beverage that will fuel your muscles. Vitargo is the ultimate choice for: PRE, INTRA, and POST workout depending on your needs.